Which Tkeycoin service will help you quickly buy and withdraw cryptocurrency to your bank card?

In anticipation of upcoming events — we want to share with You information about our new service, which will rapidly develop and provide users with maximum convenience in depositing and withdrawing funds. We have already said that Tkeycoin is a single system, and we combine the most necessary functions on our platform.

Now on the official website, there is a service for buying cryptocurrency, which supports the function of buying Tkeycoin (TKEY) using a Bankcard. The most important thing is that you can make a deposit in any currency, either in foreign currency or using rubles, and get a 25% bonus when making a deposit.

For Asian countries, we have enabled an additional service — replenishment via WeChat. The Asian market is quite active in the digital direction, and the listing is just around the corner, so this is a nice bonus for our Asian partners.

This means that soon it will be possible not only to Deposit funds, but also to get access to the service of withdrawing funds to a Bankcard.

On the market, many services and exchanges seek to provide a service for buying cryptocurrency using a Bankcard. And in principle — this is not new, but the conditions may be different, someone takes a Commission of up to 7% for replenishment and 3.5% for withdrawal, someone does not have support for replenishment in rubles or other currencies, and you can only top-up in dollars, some services do not work with Russia and CIS countries at all.

The entire TKEY platform is created for today’s active business people. Our goal is to make the market clear and accessible, it is advisable to start with the convenience of customers. Now we are fully working without commissions and any fees. You can deposit money in any currency — rubles, dollars, euros, and other currencies. The system automatically converts any currency, whether it is tenge or pound sterling.

You can buy cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world, wherever you are. Not every user wants to register on the exchange, and sometimes there is simply no time for a transfer, for creating order and withdrawing funds — here our service will help you, which provides a quick purchase and withdrawal of funds. And don’t forget that in the next releases, exchange functions will be available in TKEYSPACE.

Can someone tell us what this service is for if there is a listing coming up soon? This service is necessary both before and after the listing because getting the most loyal conditions and convenience of the service — You can always top up your wallet in TKEYSPACE with a Bankcard, and in the future with other cryptocurrencies. After listing, the current price will be linked to the exchange price.

For example, you want to quickly and easily buy Bitcoin, Ripple or Tkeycoin, but the Commission of the exchanger or exchange does not suit you. You go to our service, enter Your Address (regardless of whether it is the address of the exchange or the Address generated in TKEYSPACE), you make a payment and the currency you choose is quickly credited to your wallet.

The service provides a secure channel without unnecessary intermediaries and with low commissions. Withdrawal, exchange, purchase, and replenishment of other cryptocurrencies will be available in the next releases.

With this service — You can use your credit card to buy Tkeycoin directly, and in the future, to buy other cryptocurrencies. We want to provide Tkeycoin users with the fastest and easiest access to digital assets in the most secure way possible.

And most importantly, it creates the foundation for future services in TKEYSPACE and TKEYPAY, easy quick exchanges, input and output, storage, and replenishment in Fiat currency.

Connect to the service, ask questions, manage to get a bonus and, as we said, be in the trend. We’ll be flying soon!

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