Traveling The World With Crypto: Possible Or Not?

If you are a frequent international traveler seeking to reduce trouble related to converting money and carrying around local cash, cryptocurrency may be a tremendous alternative for you. Its global nature means many advantages over the traditional financial infrastructure. You don’t have to look for an exchange service every time you enter or leave the country — It is enough to have a stable Internet connection to be part of the open payment network.

Wealthy tourists who seek luxury are recommended to go on one of Blockchain Mediterranean cruises, organized by Scotland crypto wallet provider CoinsBank. There you will have a chance to party on the sea with other crypto millionaires and attend lectures by stars like Bobby Lee or Roger Ver.

But if you a normal traveler comfortable with cryptocurrencies, you may be inspired by the example of Felix Weiss, a software developer who traveled the world for 1,5 years using only Bitcoin. He started his trip in 2015 and visited 27 countries, including those lacking high-speed Internet, like Cuba. This daring adventure made Felix famous in the Bitcoin community, and many crypto enthusiasts wanted to do the same thing.

Now it would be much easier, though. The number of companies that accept payments in cryptocurrencies has increased greatly over the past 3 years.

So, if you are interested in becoming a crypto globe-trotter, read this article to know how to organize your trip in the best possible way.

Buying flights

Every trip starts with buying a ticket. Right now there are several travel agencies and airlines that you can use for it. They are California-based, Spanish, Latvia’s national airline airBaltic,, and Japanese Peach Aviation to name just a few. If you wish to pay with Bitcoin, just swap the currency to BTC and choose your flight.

Crypto nomads who hate delays should consider Fizzy — a customer-facing platform that offers flight insurance based on smart contracts. In case your flight is delayed your claim is processed automatically. No fuss!

And, if you want something really unique (no matter the price) you can always use your Bitcoins to buy tickets to sub-orbit from Sir Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic.

Booking accommodation

Finding a room or an apartment is not really a problem — most travel agencies that let you book your flight with cryptocurrency also offer accommodation options.

CheapAir and Destinia are good for both. You can also use Expedia — though the service does not accept Bitcoins for flights, it is more crypto-friendly in case of hotel booking.

Another option is to buy a gift card through platform and use it to at website, with its 150,000 hotels worldwide.

There are also Airbnb-like services that are Bitcoin-friendly — such as 99Flats and CryptoCribs. ‘Travel the globe. Pay with crypto’ says the CryptoCribs front page.
Motivating, isn’t it?

Finally, the travelers who hold their coins on the Bithumb, one of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, can benefit from its recent alliance with Seoul With Innovation Corp. Now Bithumb customers are able to pay with 12 cryptocurrencies for over 50,000 small and medium-sized accommodation facilities including hotels, guest houses, motels, and campers.

Eating out

Eating out is one of the biggest daily challenges if you rely only on crypto for your survival in a foreign country. Weiss himself mentioned it was the hard part because groceries and restaurants accepting Bitcoins were rare.

A good rule would be to use CoinMap to track down the local restaurants and cafes ready to take your cryptocurrency. There are some global and local chains like Subway or Indian Suryawanshi, claiming they are ok with Bitcoin payments. Before you leave, make sure those places are still open, and you use the updated info.

If no crypto-friendly store or restaurant is available to you, spend some coins on food coupons at Gift or eGifter websites. In the last resort, you can always use an exchange service, or make friends with local crypto enthusiasts that will invite you to a dinner at their place.

Car rental

If you plan to use a car, note that platforms like Expedia, CheapAir, and Destinia work for this, too. Also, there are special services that let you pay for your rented car in Bitcoins and promise transactions to be ‘instant, seamless and guaranteed’. Besides, you don’t have to disclose a lot of personal information for it.

Here you can find the list of the USA car rental businesses that accept Bitcoins. Hope you find it useful.

Gifts & shopping

When we travel we always seek to buy something unique for ourselves or our loved ones. Luckily for those who collect souvenirs, gift shops that accept cryptocurrency are easier to find than a place to eat out. As always, use CoinMap to locate such stores.
(By the way, if you happen to arrive or depart from International Brisbane Airport in Australia don’t miss your chance to buy gifts — all the merchants there accept cryptocurrencies!)

Nobody in the neighborhood is willing to accept your coins, and you have no cash with you? Use this map to find Bitcoin ATM locations. It also shows fee, type of machine and type of transactions available.

Another good option for a traveler might be connecting with crypto fans for peer2peer exchange — Weiss used the website LocalBitcoins to find people who would change crypto for fiat money or different goods.


The biggest thing about traveling is the community, so grab this unique opportunity to communicate with like-minded people all over the world! It would be fun to attend crypto meet up and share this feeling of belonging that comes with owning and using a certain coin. Some say that crypto community is similar to a subculture like surfing, but it probably has stronger ties as crypto enthusiasts feel they own the network, in a way.

Thus, if you get connected with many such people in advance, you will always feel at home — wherever you go. And as we have already mentioned, you can use the community members for peer-to-peer exchanges, as Weiss did.


Traveling with crypto and nothing but crypto can still be a challenge right, but with every year the world is getting more friendly to it. One thing that you should always remember is to take care of your digital security. Separate your funds, use 2FA (2-Factor Authentication) for your web wallet and take other measures to protect your money. We would also recommend carrying some fiat cash with you, just in case.

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