Tkeycoin Project: Some Explanations


During the last 2 or 3 weeks, the life of our team has been packed with important events. We announced new products, published the listing date and took our project to the state level… This was an intense time, believe us.

News and announcements following one after another, no wonder that some part of our community has lost the track and came to wrong conclusions regarding the project. Here we want to cross all the Ts and talk about what Tkeycoin project is (and what it is not).

We would like to start by repeating that Tkeycoin is not just another startup, but a whole ecosystem. We have a right to present our platform like this, since we have not only created a unique new version of blockchain, but developed a whole range of products based on our own innovations. Perhaps, it would be appropriate to compare us with Apple, the best-selling gadgets of this company featuring perfect coherence of software and hardware solutions.

We develop our own blockchain, our own cryptocurrency, our Tkeycoin payment platform, as well as desktop wallets, hardware wallets, web wallet, mobile apps, blockchain explorer, cryptocurrency exchange, payment gateway, various banking solutions, mining software… And this is hardly a complete list!

This comprehensive approach gives us a hefty advantage over other platforms, since we develop and synchronize everything ourselves, without outsourcing anything to third parties. Meanwhile, we accurately study the long-term experience of global leaders like Microsoft or Apple, and analyze existing Bitcoin, DASH, Litecoin and Ethereum solutions to adapt the most successful of them for our needs. Of course, this approach means that sometimes we have to shift the previously announced deadlines. It’s logical — a complicated work is always less predictable than a simple one.

You should also understand, that our project is by no means limited to making money and has never been presented as such. We do not promise you will make X coins next month, and we have no mansions or luxury cars to give away. We are focused on developing solutions that will make lives of millions of people easier and more comfortable. This is our main goal.

Of course, you can consider TKEY cryptocurrency as an investment option, but it should rather be seen as a long-term plan with certain risks involved. Sure, your investments may yield good results, but not in a week or even a month. We want all our investors be aware that we neither run a casino, nor organize any kind of giveaway, nor provide you an easy chance to make a fast buck. Again, we develop the products to make the world better.

Apart from offering innovative solutions, we seek to release relevant educational materials informing our users about the advantages of distributed systems and underlying blockchain technologies. This mission is important, too — despite the recent Bitcoin hype the vast majority of people worldwide are still unaware of what cryptocurrency is and how it works exactly. That is why we regularly publish informative articles on our social media pages. Some users may think it’s irrelevant, but this kind of ‘enlightenment’ is necessary since we want our investors understand the basics of the technology, its perspectives and — most importantly— the reasons behind their own investment choices.

We are a little surprised by the lack of trust shown by some of our users, who still think that Tkeycoin is a SCAM. If it was, it would be really stupid of us to stay with you at this stage, posting new materials, giving explanations and attending state-level events like the recent APA meeting. We would not reveal our identities. We would not obtain patents for our solutions. We would not be busy preparing so many products for release. It would be easy for us to take your money and run away with it a few months ago. But making money is not our top priority, in the first place.

We create technologies that are meant to transform the world. This is obvious if you consider the scale of our plans and the actions taken by us so far. A good example is locating our headquarters in Dubai, with an idea to take Tkeycoin project to the global level. The DMCC free zone gives us a wide range of opportunities for cooperation with global market leaders, since even the largest investors readily offer their millions to support an infrastructure of such a level, in such a favorable environment.

Besides, you have probably heard that the UAE particularly favor the blockchain technology. Therefore, having our headquarters in this location is very reasonable. Did you know that starting with 2018, the Emirates launched a global development plan based on the blockchain technology integration? Did you know that by 2020 they plan to open fully-functional blockchain-based Smart City? You have to admit that placing our headquarters in this country, with its upcoming blockchain boom, is a far-sighted decision.

We have really big plans for the future. And we are developing really good products that you will happily use. What we all need today is to summon up patience and keep waiting for the announced releases and listings. These events will become the milestones of the Tkeycoin history, marking the new stages of the project development.

Currently, our developers work 24/7, and you can be sure we do everything to launch the products as soon as possible. However, developing solutions of this level always implies detecting unexpected vulnerabilities and dealing with unforeseen problems.

But we are doing our best for you, meaning very soon you will be able to enjoy the results of our work.

Thanks for staying with us!

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