Tkeycoin project: Latest News and Immediate Plans

Dear users!

Recently, a lot of exciting news and rumors, both negative and positive, have appeared about the Tkeycoin project. Not all of them were 100% truthful, some not having anything to do with reality. This publication is aimed at clearing the haze, informing you about all the nearest plans and current situation of the Tkeycoin project.

Let’s start with one of the most important events which is APA-2019. Many of you are not fully aware of the scale and significance of this event, so let’s speak again on the importance of our presentation at the Asian Parliamentary Assembly for the project. First of all, TKEY DMCC was the only company invited to this meeting as experts, and we were the only business representatives to speak at it, too. Our delegation not only managed to convey a number of ideas on improving modern financial systems, but also presented Tkeycoin products at the state level and received a feedback from some parliamentarians.

In particular, preliminary agreements were reached on launching demo projects connected with using Tkeycoin solutions at the state level in a number of APA member countries. This means that the governments themselves will encourage their citizens to use our technologies. Thus, we will have support on the state level and integrate our solutions to the main structures of a country.

In addition, taking the project to the state level means increased regulation and attention to the quality of the solutions being developed. In other words, we subscribe to doing everything properly and must be ready to be thoroughly examined and assessed by third parties. The recent delays the development of some products were caused by this ‘upgrade’ — now we should be twice as accurate and attentive to the details. Everything we do should be immaculate.

Compliance with the highest standards will be especially useful in view of the upcoming adoption in the Russian Federation of the cryptocurrency regulation law, which is expected to clear the market from poorly developed or scam projects, bringing the sector to another level. By the way, we are already working to obtain a licence of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and very soon this process should be successfully completed. The license of the Central Bank will allow us to create a truly unique payment platform, opening a number of new, previously unexplored perspectives. Currently, the cryptocurrency market is rather chaotic and inconsistent, and we are to become the first major blockchain project (perhaps, not only in Russia, but also in the world), with such a high legal status.

Also, APA-2019 has been extremely useful for us in terms of developing a business strategy. The delegates from APA member states provided us a number of recommendations for doing business at the international level. As a result, we decided to correct our road map on a number of issues, including listing on stock exchanges and product line updates. If you are particularly worried about listing, we are glad to inform you: the news about the exchanges is on the way, and very soon we will tell you everything. Right now we can only say that we will opt for really serious and top-rated platforms that have nothing to do with inflated bidding and other kinds of violations, including delays in withdrawing funds.

As for the local wallet, the release with the long-awaited auto-miner is passing the final tests right now. In further versions, everything will become much more user-friendly and eye-pleasing. Besides, all users will get access to the new useful tools that are already in the back-end, but have not yet got the visual implementation in the front end. The current version was mainly launched to maintain the network’s performance and to satisfy the investors — in the future, the client will be radically improved.

A number of changes will also be made to the TKEY protocol itself, and, by next autumn there will be several unique solutions that we have never talked about before and which today have no analogs in the world. It’s largely due to this exclusivity and uniqueness, that we do not make the source code publicly available, and have no plans to do it in the nearest future. For third-party services, like exchanges and exchangers, we will develop a special docker that will allow to integrate TKEY into a particular system in a few clicks. In addition to the ease of installation, the usage of such docker is good for its security — the site carefully checks each product for viruses and overall reliability.

In June, a mobile wallet will be released, which in the first version will receive an attractive and easy-to-use interface, as well as provide the opportunity to store and monitor funds to those users who do not use local wallets for PCs, for some reason or the other.

The other features worth noting would be the built-in exchange of TKEY for BTC, ETH and fiat currencies. It will be available starting with the second version of the application. In this case, you do not even need an exchange, since currency exchange will be available through the Tkeycoin mobile app. At the initial stage, 4 cryptocurrencies and several fiat currencies will be available for exchange. In the future, the number of cryptocurrencies will be increased to 20. Mobile payments option, expected by many users, will also become available in version 2 or 3 of the application. At the same time, built-in chat rooms will also be launched, providing the Tkeycoin users with an opportunity to communicate with each other directly in the official app.

Also, do not ignore the topic of sales on Before our cryptocurrency is listed on an exchange, this website will be the only place where you can officially buy TKEY without any risk of fraud. These days, the demand for Tkeycoin among users from Asian countries is increasing, in particular, Hong Kong being among the leaders. Therefore, If we close the coin sale on, these people will buy Tkeycoin from scammers, thus promoting a shadow market with all related risks. As long as a stable demand for the coin exists, and before we have entered an exchange, Tkeycoin can be bought on at the price of $1.

In conclusion, we again encourage all our users to be patient. Right now the Tkeycoin project is being taken to the level where it is very important to think over every minor action and accurately test and re-test every feature and function of every product.

Our team is working 24/7, and we promise that next week we will come up to you with some really good news. Brace yourself, the waiting is almost over. ;-)

P. S. Tkeycoin web wallet will also be launched in June.

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