TKEY: We are 3 years old. Happy Birthday

Hurray! Today the TKEY project is three years old. This is a large-path that we have passed together with you, were defeats and victories, mistakes, and difficult-situations — but we overcame them thanks to your support and movement forward.

All of us have the opportunity to monitor the development of the project in real-time, usually projects appear on the market after full preparation. We approved the project and started it together with you, dear friends, so that each of us can remember: “how it was,” scroll through the “history” feed and understand that all this was not in vain. Yes, Yes, there will be something to remember.

During this time, “TKEY” has become something native for many, for some an “action-Packed series,” for us a goal of life, for “haters” a reason for discussion and, most importantly, that “TKEY” has united different views and interests. Everyone watches with great enthusiasm and waits: “what will happen next,” someone thinks: “that’s it, the end,” someone is well aware that behind all this is a long and hard work of the team and all project participants.

Yes, we made mistakes, made bad decisions — but the TKEY team did not stop at any of the difficulties and went through each of the very-difficult situations with courage and full awareness that we are on the right path: “Walk and ye shall reach.”

Much remained behind the scenes because we are not used to: “complain.” After setting a goal once, we said to ourselves: “TKEY will be a great project!.” Every day we come to work with this thought, for all of us — “TKEY” is a part of life, a part of ourselves.

So the team is working get results and even if they don’t always understand us, and someone may think that the whole team is having fun on the beaches of “Malibu.” However, this is not the case.


Last year, in the fourth quarter, our company began a complete transformation of the project as a whole to switch to the new system much faster.

The company reviewed approaches, modified strategies, considered options for listing on the “Core 1.0” blockchain, calculated the cost of upgrading to “Core 2.0”, checked the relevance of such movements in the current situation, and taking all this into account. The developers accelerated the development process of the new TkeyNet system, which they planned to launch only next year.

“Why didn’t we inform you about switching to TkeyNet earlier?» — The answer is on the surface. As we all know, when you are preparing something new, you may encounter nuances on the way that will affect the launch speed.

The initial assessment is usually indicative and is constant renewal as the project progresses. On a one-week segment, it’s easy to get into the estimate day-to-day. But for 4–6 months or more, it is unrealistic to give an assessment day in and day out.

And in order not to cause “a lot” of discussions — any information related to TkeyNet was not disclosed, and it was necessary to prepare for the transition to the new system to be sure that it will be launched this year.


This year is one of the most responsible for us in our practice. Ahead of us is the launch of the new TkeyNet system, which was developed by us for 2.5 years.

Detailed information about TkeyNet and the course of events is available in the article: “TkeyNet: transition to a new Protocol, testing, main theses.”

All the plans that we shared, goals, tasks that set for ourselves, most of them have already been implemented in the system — “TkeyNet.”

As many have already realized, the release of the system TkeyNet was a plan on the project’s birthday. However, to release the system, you need to complete the final work at the “front-end” level and conduct the final testing of TkeyNet before launching.

We are at the final stage of launching — TkeyNet

Our developers work every day and seven days a week to launch the system faster, as well as to put an end to old technologies, “slackervism” and, of course, to implement everything we have planned and long-awaited.

Ahead of the release of TkeyNet, a “dedicated web interface” will be launched where you can generate a TKEY account. After that, there will be a long-awaited launch of the new system TkeyNet, and, most importantly, for many in our project-the exchange this year!

Congratulations to our entire team and all project participants who help us implement our plans every day, support us, and follow us to the end!
Hooray, Hooray, Hooray!

Happy birthday, TKEY!

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