Ideological Side of Tkeycoin Project

Today we are going to stay away from the technological aspects for a little and dive deeper into the ideological side of Tkeycoin project.

As you have probably mentioned, people with negative views and defamatory opinions flood our communities from time to time. What is interesting, they usually use similar words and bring up the same subjects in their messages.

However, we understand that this is a normal thing for a big worldwide project, and we also totally understand that this is a business after all. There is a concurrency, and there are rivals, there are puff actions. Haters gonna hate, and we gonna talk about another part of the community’s users.

Initial philosophy and ideology of Tkeycoin project imply that any user can positively affect the product, help rates growth, and contribute to the future of the project itself. Every single user is a part of substantial Tkeycoin economics with an indisputable right actually to change it. How? Let us explain.

Platform popularity directly depends on the users, and it is tough to argue with it since everyone can leave a comment, repost, or spread the feedbacks about Tkeycoin across friends and co-workers. Platform success depends on the popularity. Cryptocurrency rate depends on the platform success, which depends on its popularity, which depends on each of you.

This short and straightforward scheme actually explains a lot.

It is an open secret that Tkeycoin has been and always will be a decentralized platform that, unlike centralized ones, most things are based on reliability, solidarity, and mutual aid. Actions made by every single user affect the whole ecosystem, and this is why we need a competitive and unanimous community to climb the highest peaks. Every contribution to system development is particularly crucial for the network participants themselves.

If diving even more in-depth, you will find out that the majority of problems of the cryptocurrencies nowadays are not only connected with the technologies difficulties itself but also with the behavior of its holders. I.e., BItcoin is continuously going up and down with the unacceptable for the severe financial instrument changes up to 200%.

For most users, the key advantages of the cryptocurrency are decentralization and its independence from the centralized systems. But, there are still cons on this regard and particular organizations can affect cryptomarket using paid news, social media, and different psychological manipulations. This fact threatens P2P networks conception even though the results of such campaigns are still so much depending from the users and investors and its reactions.

Most users do not analyze the news they are reading, nor get to the truth and understand. They follow the tricks instead and start selling or buying the crypto that leads to the market destabilization. This is profitable for major funds, exchanges, and banking sectors.

Similar scenarios happen in our social media accounts. There are thousands of users in our communities’ blacklist and trust us; they typically get there by groups. Some organizations massively buy fake profiles and lead them to our pages. The scheme is transparent and clear, but some users still trust such special forces and believe in their acting.

For its part, negative community negatively affects projects reputation, its popularity, its success, cryptocurrency rates and so on.

We hope that every our user now understands his or her role in the global Tkeycoin ecosystem. We highly recommend not to follow haters currents and continue believing in our final joint victory. Only with a strong and confident community we can do anything and achieve whatever we want.

Leave comments below our posts, share project’s news with friends, help each other, spread Tkeycoin across the globe — make your own contribution. People around the world will learn about Tkeycoin, will join our community, will buy TKEY and support us on the exchanges.

Just remember that every user is an essential part of the vast Tkeycoin ecosystem. Let us build it step by step; let us do it together.

Always Yours,
Tkeycoin team

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