Coming TkeyNet and listing on exchanges

Global changes are coming to the TKEY project, and 2020 is the year of great changes. What should we expect, you may ask.

Indeed, from the very beginning of large-scale updates, you might have dozens of questions? What happened, why can’t I transfer transactions, what’s in store for us in the future, or is it over? In General, the questions could Mature as much as your imagination will allow, and this is normal, given that the upcoming updates — we kept secret even for many members of the Tkeycoin team.

What awaits us and how it all started?

Today we will briefly open the curtain on a secret that we have kept secret for more than 2.5 years. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Yes, it was a difficult burden for us to keep secret the trumps that we wanted to tell about. Getting criticized, misunderstood by investors while making a very global financial infrastructure. And we can understand all those who did not understand our strategy because due to the confidentiality of the infrastructure, which will be available soon, we had to keep secret all the advantages of the TKEY platform, all the development processes, and make various strategies to calmly finish what we started.

What is this mysterious infrastructure?

When we created the first concept of Tkeycoin — we clearly understood that a system should be developed that will provide users around the world with easy and fast work with finances. Here we are not only talking about the user segment, but we are also talking about more global segments, such as the global financial system, which can be used by millions of people and corporations around the world.

At the same time, we clearly understood and understand that there are many different tools in the world, and all of them are good in their way, including SWIFT or Bitcoin, they all have their advantages and scope.

But, TKEY is not about Bitcoin or SWIFT. Remember our words?

“Our goal then and now was to create a simple decentralized way to exchange funds with minimal fees anywhere in the world” ©

To create something more than a cryptocurrency, you need time, money, knowledge, experience, and radically different views of the world.

We are here to create an infrastructure for working with Finance. Based on this system, we can provide people with investment tools, rapid exchange of assets around the world, provide our users with new revenue generation mechanisms, offer the corporate segment effective use of their assets, and the public sector — improve data exchange. That’s why we developed — TkeyNet.

TkeyNet is a new branch in the world of financial technologies

First of all, TkeyNet is an infrastructure based on which you can create various microservices, applications, financial instruments, exchanges, investment products, work with smart contracts, create your assets in various branches of TkeyNet, and much more.

Second of all, TkeyNet is a set of solutions focused on payment systems and operations with instant currency exchange in an international format. TkeyNet software solutions allow you to make instant money transfers to any point in the world, as well as act as a reliable storage of amounts of various denominations.

TkeyNet was conceived from the beginning of 2018 — the project was kept in the strictest secrecy and its development was carried out by a separate team of developers together with foreign programmers.

In 2018, the necessary funding was received to develop the entire TkeyNet system. The development period set for us was at least 2.5–3 years.

Taking into account the long development period of TkeyNet, we have drawn up an internal roadmap and decided to release the intermediate Core 1.0 Protocol with subsequent release to the exchange in 2019.

The plan was as follows:

1. Core 1.0 release — listing on the stock exchange in 2019 to attract a new audience and create liquidity for the TKEY digital asset.

2. Updates from Core 1.0 to Core 2.0 for a smooth transition to TkeyNet when the TKEY digital asset is already being traded on the exchange.

3. The transition to TkeyNet to strengthen market position and scale the project.

In simple words, the full version of Core 2.0-would allows us to switch to TkeyNet during trading, without further stopping the entire network.

The first references to TkeyNet were presented by us in 2018 on the platform’s websites and in the first editions of the “white paper”, and the first presentation took place in the period from April 18–21, 2019 at the Asian parliamentary Assembly (APA), where TKey’s management presented the TkeyNet system during closed presentations.

Most of the APA participants were very interested and paid attention to the information that was presented in the report, but also to the arguments that were exchanged during the discussions. During an informal meeting, the leaders of TKEY group and several representatives of countries that showed interest in developing a digital economy talked about the problems regarding the implementation of blockchain systems at the state level, and made preliminary deals about pilot projects, setting the stage for further cooperation. © —

In 2019, we actively tested the system and held closed meetings with representatives of large businesses. The system was known only to the management of some of the major companies and trusted persons. This helped keep all the company’s plans completely secret.

Nowadays, the Tkeycoin digital financial ecosystem (DFE) is in the final stages of testing by TKEY. This product will help to lower the costs of domestic and international money transfers. In the near future, this product will help individuals and business to make money transactions without interactions from banking institutions or government institutions. © —

Details of the APA-2019 presentation can be found here or

Link to the presentation —

Why TkeyNet will be launched soon?

Given the current situation and the almost complete completion of work on TkeyNet, as well as the upcoming listing, we made an operational decision to quickly switch to the new system.

After all, the more users in the project, the more difficult it is to implement global changes, and even more so when assets are already traded on the exchange. But this is not the most important thing — these are only indirect reasons that affected the upgrade to TkeyNet.

The FINTECH market is developing at a tremendous speed, with products that are already embedded in TkeyNet and its technical characteristics — we will actively stand out in the market. TkeyNet already has built-in features that make it easy to compete with other projects, also, the following products based on TkeyNet will be available this year, which will further strengthen our position in the digital market.

Yes, this is a chance that should not be missed. Why not switch to TkeyNet now? Only forward! “that’s our motto.

Since last week, we have been working on active and final work to fully launch TkeyNet, so it takes time to debug all the processes. We ask all users to adhere to our recommendations and wait for a little, because it’s worth the wait, and you will see for yourself when TkeyNet is launched. After the release of TkeyNet — we will tell you in detail what it can do, how it works, but most importantly, you will see how it works.

TkeyNet — will is available to all users in Mainnet* and Testnet*.

Mainnet is a complete product, ready to use. Testnet is an alternative blockchain (test network) that is used for testing.

After the launch of TkeyNet and integration with the exchange, there will be a long-awaited listing of Tkeycoin.

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