Today we will touch on the following topics: what the team does during the registration period; we will tell you about “smart holding”, what kind of tool it is; we will tell you about the development in the Persian Gulf, we will touch on the topic of privacy and sovereignty.

What does the team do during the registration period?

Studying the context of the previous materials, someone mistakenly concluded that the ecosystem develops only in Russia, but the scale of the system makes it easy to function in the world. …

Today we will talk about the integration process and the results: What the integration process includes, what tasks the team solved, and we will discuss the results.

Integration is a multi-level process that is divided into three interrelated levels: organizational, legal, and technical.

Organizational level

The organizational level is the long and most resource-intensive period, during which tasks solve, and subsequent integration actions carry out.

Together with you, we will consider the complex tasks that include the organizational level — the development of a plan, the search for partners, negotiations and approvals, the analysis of trading pairs, the tasks of ensuring liquidity…


The time of trading halls has long passed. Modern exchanges are large IT infrastructures that include a whole range of systems. Just note that cryptocurrency exchanges can differ significantly from exchanges that operate in the classical financial market. There are significant differences both in the IT infrastructure and in the trading models, and the market itself behaves differently.

The professional market has been created for centuries, and the cryptocurrency market is still very young, so we are witnessing various stories of both the success and the fall of a particular digital token. History is cyclical. …

You are welcomed by the TKEY development team, we have not been in touch for a long time, and the publications were prepared by the editorial staff based on the submitted abstracts.

We did not make any direct appeals, except for the publication of “riddles” in 2018. Today we have a direct dialogue with you, dear users. We inform you: — “We have achieved our goal, which we have been implementing for several years.”

It is time to understand all the issues in detail, to understand the true meaning and idea of the TKEY project. Plunge into the obvious advantages…

In the Second Part, we will analyze what works have complete for today, talk about market-makers, free commissions in the system, etc.

Just note that the development of the application is complete. The company is moving to the preparatory period for the launch-testing and integration with partners. The finish line before the start of trading, so we say with all confidence — “The release of TKEY Online will be soon, is an integration left!”

TKEY Online Development Results

The work at the code level is complete. Below we briefly describe the improvements made, then move on to other issues.

Finish working on the charts

Stock quotes. Charts in real-time

A series of materials about TKEY Online will help you to reveal the advantages of this product, its functionality, safety, and purpose. In this material, the team shares with you information that will help you easily understand the properties and characteristics of the TKEY Online application.

Turn on the video in high quality, get acquainted with the interface, and look at the features that will be available to you soon; and then go back and read the material in full.

Features of TKEY Online

TKEY Online is the first mobile and web application based on the TkeyNet infrastructure. …

The company and its users are moving into the TkeyNet infrastructure, which is part of the larger TKEY ecosystem. Since the launch of the web form for switching to TkeyNet, there have been questions. What software will use? Where will the trading start? How do I access TKEY after filling out the form? Let’s start in order.

What software will use?

The first product based on TkeyNet will be TKEY Online, a mobile and web application for managing assets on the TkeyNet network. In the interface, it will be possible to trade, to carry out transactions, securely store digital assets, and more.

The team…

Before launching a specialized web interface for transferring funds to a new system, we decided to provide crucial and, at the same time, useful information.

Firstly, this information will help you quickly understand the process of transferring funds, and secondly, you will secure your funds.

The main thing is to study the material to avoid any problems in the future.


Reference. To make it easier to understand, we immediately note the definitions:

1. Core 1.0. — the previous system you used.

2. Local wallet, WIF (keys.txt) — Old software and standards that will not use In the new system.


Hi👋 The TKEY team is finally in touch, after hard and long work — we broke out of this routine, and we want to share with you the results of our work.


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